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Things You Can Clean with the Pressure Washer

Jun 7


It doesn't matter whether you rent or buy the pressure washer. It's a powerful tool for removing dirt and algae from your outdoor. Before you start using any pressure washer, be sure you follow the directions. Be sure to use the right nozzle for your task. Are you ready to tidy up all of the clutter? There are eight things you can accomplish with a pressure washer to get your home clean.

  • Siding

A great pressure washing session by JDM Pressure Washing can be performed if your vinyl siding looks stained or dirty. To prevent damaging your siding ensure that you set the pressure washer to the lower pressure (pounds per square inch). Pressure washing of wood or aluminum siding is possible however the pressure should not exceed 100 PSI. It can prevent the aluminum siding from being damaged or splintering.


  • The Driveway

Dirty driveways can be caused by sticky shoes, rain, or pounding rain. This could cause driveway deterioration and mottling. Pressure wash the driveway beginning at the top and working your way towards the apron.


  • The Garage Floor

Even if you don't spend much time in your garage it is probable that you have oil stains or dirt on your floor. Start by using the pressure washer at a low setting to clean the floor. Let the solution remain for a while (check the instructions of the manufacturer) Then, turn the pressure washer on an increased setting and rinse the floor.


  • Decks

Are you worried about dust, dirt, and other debris affecting the deck's appearance? The process of pressure washing will restore the look of your deck. The pressure washer must be applied at an extremely low setting (between 500 to 1,200 PSI based on the type of wood) to ensure that it won't cause damage to the deck surface.


  • Fences

A gorgeous vinyl or wood fence will make your house more appealing. However, the fence can build up mud, mildew, and algae over time. A pressure-washing process can make your fence appear older, whether you're trying to sell your house or simply clean it. For softwoods, choose a lower setting to stop the possibility of splintering or other damage. Vinyl and hardwoods can endure more stress.


  • Outdoor Furniture

You won't be able to store your outdoor furniture in a garage or shed during the winter. Therefore, it will look very raggedy in the spring. To make sure your furniture is prepared for barbecue season, give it the pressure washing treatment at low pressure. To ensure that you don’t harm any furniture, be sure to test the small areas first.

  • Garbage Cans

You can make your garbage bins smell bad with all the leftover meat and old vegetables. While this might seem as if something you ought to put off, it's necessary to clean them up. To clean up the area quickly, you will need a pressure washer. Then, apply the detergent to the area, and rinse it off.


  • Garden Paths

If your garden paths are covered with dirt, algae, and moss, they can appear unattractive. Before you spray the pressure washer on any plant you should put them in a tent.

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